A Guide to Kids Sports & Extracurricular Activities


How to Choose Extracurricular Activities for Your Child?

Kids Sports & Extracurricular Activities range from hockey, piano and drama to ballet, swimming, archery and the list goes on … The choice of extracurricular activities has never been so broad. Given this array, how to choose THE right one for your child? It’s easy, let your child decide!

Of course, you can assist him in his choice by reminding him of his strengths and interests, but ultimately the decision is his. Put your aspirations aside and let him decide.


The extracurricular activity must first and foremost be a source of fun for the child. Research also shows that a child who has fun learning and who feel valued will be more successful academically.

The benefits of extracurricular activities are numerous including:

  • Personal fulfillment
  • Meeting new friends
  • Academic performance
  • Developing better social skills
  • Decreasing behavioural problems

 Finding Balance

You should also consider another important criteria in choosing the child’s activity: time. If the child is in school or daycare from 8 am to 6 pm, it leaves him very little time for extracurricular activity. A five year old child, for example, still needs a lot of time to play, and direct contact with his parents.

With respect to the schedule, for both parents and children, the key is to find balance. Little tricks to make your life easier? Favouring an activity close to home, to avoid wasting time in transport and choose a time slot that fits well within the family’s activity calendar. Swimming lessons, on Tuesdays at 17h30pm, is best suited for families who like to relax on weekends versus an early Saturday morning slot. Also be careful not to choose activities that end too late, it may interfere with your child’s sleep.

Kids Sports & Activities

Here is a sample of local sports & activities for kids, classes, camps and programs offered by the South Surrey Recreation Centre, local community clubs, youth clubs, the City of White Rock and a sleuth of organizations. What is your child into?




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