Finding a Doctor in South Surrey or White Rock


How to Find a Doctor in your Neighbourhood?

Finding a doctor in South Surrey or White Rock accepting new patients in is easier said than done.

Your little one is feeling unwell but not enough to warrant a trip to the emergency. What do you do? A friend recommends that you consult your family doctor. The catch? You do not have one and everyone knows how challenging it is to find a doctor accepting new patients!

Here are some tips to help you find a family doctor in South Surrey or White Rock or anywhere else in BC:

  •  Ask a family member if their doctor would consider accepting new patients. Often family doctors who do not accept new patients will make an exception for the immediate and extended family members of their long-standing patients.
  •  Check out the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia’s website where you can find family physicians accepting new patients in your area. Make sure to type in your ‘City’ and a maximum of 5km in the ‘Distance’ section along with your postal code to make sure the results are relevant to your specific area.
  • Go to a walk in medical clinic and ask the receptionist if any of the on-call doctors are accepting new patients in their own practice. Some clinics even print out a list of doctors currently accepting new patients usually plastered to the wall by the reception desk.


If all attempts fail and you need an emergency consultation:

  • Call 811, the provincial health information and advice phone line available 24-7
  • Go to a walk-in medical clinic or after-hours clinic where you can usually see a doctor within a few hours. Check out for White Rock and South Surrey waiting times and hours.


Here are a few walk-in medical clinics where you can usually see a doctor without an appointment.

  • Hilltop Medical (140-15321 16 Ave.)
  • Morgan Creek Walk-in (106-15252 32 Ave.)
  • Peninsula Medical Clinic (109-15388 24 Ave.)
  • Semiahmoo Medical Clinic (3-1767 152 St.)
  • South Surrey Medical Clinic (101-15850 26 Ave.)

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