How Safe is your Neighbourhood?


Is public safety important to you? Are you considering moving to a new neighbourhood and wondering how safe it is? Ever wondered if your area is a prime target for thieves?

Thanks to the City of Surrey, you no longer have to guesstimate. The City of Surrey has put at your disposal the City’s crime map accessible via one of their interactive tools; CosmosCosmos will give you a quick snapshot of the number and types of crimes against the property (auto theft, burglary, break and entry, and so on) as well as the number and location of any fatal/injury collisions over the past 6 months in your neighbourhood.

The tool is easy to use, type in an address and voilà! You can find the sub-categories under the Public Safety Layers & Legend tab (see pic):

Crime Map - Cosmos

Heads Up: Cosmos is not supported on Chrome. Please use Firefox, Safari, or IE


  • Cosmos:
  • Surrey RCMP non-emergency line: (604) 599-0502 to report:
    • a crime that has already been committed and no suspects are present (vehicle or home break-in, vandalism, fraud, etc.)
    • suspicious activity or nuisance behaviour.




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